The KUF Personality Disorder VLE has been designed to be easy to use by a wide range of users. While we endeavour to make the content compatible with as many different computer systems, there may be times where your specific system requires settings modified and software installed. The majority of these issues occur on corporate, company managed hardware; in this case, share this page with your IT support staff. 

Below are some of the most common issues, along with easy fixes.

Video not working on Powerpoint Presentation

Find out if your version of PowerPoint is supported

  1. Open Powerpoint and create a new document.
  2. Choose File in the top left corner, and then select either Account or Help from the list on the left 
    • If this doesn’t work, navigate to Help along the navigation bar along the top, and then select About Microsoft Office Powerpoint
  3. Under Product Information, you’ll see the version number.
If you are using a version of PowerPoint below 12:
  • KUF PowerPoint files provided as .pptx file format; while Microsoft have provided updates to older versions of Office (2003 and older) to support some of the features of the Office Open XML (.pptx) files, video is not supported. 
  • Have you got multiple versions of PowerPoint on your computer?
    • Your computer may have multiple versions of PowerPoint installed, and may be opening the file with the older version. Check in your Start/Windows menu for different versions.
  • Otherwise, you (or your IT department) will need to upgrade to a newer version of PowerPoint.

Video not working on VLE

Use the test below to see if your browser is supported. 

Supported browsers are:

Interactive elements are missing from Level 1 (Student) Working with Personality Disorder: Raising Awareness

If you see the animated tree below then Adobe Flash is installed and enabled

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